Okay, so we’ve heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’  like a million times before. And in essence it means if you constantly eat unhealthy you will become unhealthy, and likewise if you eat wholesome, natural foods you’ll be healthy and your body will love you. Right? Exactly!

But I wanted to elaborate on this a little bit. The food you consume, or more specifically the makeup of macronutrients in this food is literally information for our bodies to ‘read’ to know how to keep us functioning. Sounds weird right?

Put it this way, the better, more wholesome, natural and unprocessed the food we shove in our mouth is, the better information and instructions it will give us to work more efficiently and effectively, keep our health at optimal levels and send waste that wasn’t needed in energy production to, well, you know where. Likewise, overly processed, preservative ridden and “bad” food could give our bodies the wrong information, resulting in becoming overweight, sluggish, at a higher health risk, etc.

Here’s me trying to help make sense of this all; the [macro]nutrients I’ve been talking about…the ‘instruction givers’ tell the cells in our body how to complete their necessary functions of growth, development and maintenance. When maintenance fails, that’s where health problems such as cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, GI problems and all that crap stuff comes in. good food gives good instructions, and good instructions results in good health. BOOYA! …so in a way, food is also our preventative medicine! But we’ll get into that in another post.

Your grandma wasn’t lying when she said “you are what you eat”.

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