Let’s be real, last year if you were told that your office is shutting down and you need to permanently work from home, you would have said HELL YEAH! And your mind immediately goes to wearing jammies all day, sitting on the couch and unlimited snacking.

Fast forward to now, when that is actually the reality, and it’s not exactly what you thought. Keeping routine is a task and a half, you realise that you now need to live off video calls and conferences (which means at least the top half of you needs to be presentable) and your home needs a re-do to accommodate the need for an office (working at your dining or kitchen table is a novelty that wears thin real quick).

So, how do you make working from home, work for you?

1| Set up your workstation, and actually work there. Make sure (if you live with someone) that they respect this is your working space, and to not distract you. What you need:

  • A good, supportive chair
  • A well lit desk clear from clutter and free from distractions (i.e. not under a TV or next to the fridge)
  • Computer (DUH, your life is online now)
  • Weekly or daily planner, to keep track of what you’re doing
  • Cute things. You know, vases, flowers, frames, a cushion on your chair. Its working from home, not jail.

2| Get a routine. Or try to stay in your pre-WFH routine. Wake up at the same time each morning, make sure you eat breakfast, make your bed, do your ‘morning house tasks’ before you log in to your computer. Keeping normalcy is so damn important and getting those little house jobs done first thing will set your mind to know you’ve already accomplished something for the day, putting you in the best position to maintain this throughout the day!

3| Still get dressed! Again, the novelty of jammies wears thin, and it will start to play with your mindset if you’re emphasizing the fact that you’re locked in your house. Get dressed to distinguish the difference between lounging, sleeping and working.

4| Meal prep. Yep, even in your house. It is so damn easy with a full kitchen right there just to snack on whatever the heck you want! Which is fine sometimes, but for your health and good feels – do yourself a favor and have a lunch and healthy snacks ready to grab during work hours. Or, if you are committed and disciplined enough (you know, to not snack) you can now make your lunch fresh every day!

5| Set breaks. Or at least take breaks. Maybe a workout break, a stretch sesh, get that random chore done, make a coffee, stretch your legs, whatever it may be to take a pit stop from your computer screen and keep you motivated.

There you have it, 5 simple steps to make the transition a little easier. And remember, if you’re working from home, you’re the lucky one! You still have a job and you have a roof over your head!

Stay safe, look after each other, wash your hands.