Only one more day of May, and then we are officially in Winter! but why do we eat more in the colder months?

We are bloody cold!

Eating makes us warmer; it’s as simple as that. As your body temperature drops, so does your desire to consume more calories; warming you up and providing energy.

Its dark outside

Some researchers say we go back to primitive times to stockpile calories for energy, however we can kind of gather this is BS…if we look at the science and what goes on inside your body, sunlight triggers the release of the hormone serotonin, a neurotransmitter boosts mood. Now ready to hear the kicker? Carbohydrates do the exact. Same. Thing. That could be attributed to why we crave those heavy, carby foods in the colder months, we can thank the release of insulin that occurs from eating carbs for that. So you could be craving a better mood instead of those carbs!

Cause we can?

I mean, we have lights and heaters, ya know? So it can’t just be the two above reasons…Now I’m not by any means a qualified nutritionist, but I have done a fair few nutrition courses, and the psychology of food can be to blame here also. We tend to be inside more when it’s colder, sitting in the living room, on the couch, in the kitchen. Meaning food is so easily accessible for us! The environment we are in encourages consuming food. When food is ‘just there’ you will be more likely to have some, and when there is no set amount of food (i.e. you’re not pout and about with a packed lunch, you’re sitting in front of the fridge) you’re more likely to keep eating, beyond levels of satiety. Solution? Meal prep. Meal prep. Meal prep. Have your food cooked and ready with healthy and lighter options. Use a smaller plate. Sounds dumb right? But when we have a larger plate or bowl to disk up our meal, our brain automatically associates this with our serving size, and on loads the food.

What else?

We drink less water in winter! We do sweat just as much in winter as we do in summer. However cause we are cold, we don’t drink as much fluids (not only putting us at a higher risk for dehydration) but also making us think we are hungry, when we probably just need water!

So, top tips to staying on top of your food frenzy

1. Drink hot beverages instead of cold to warm you up, you’ll be more likely to kick the craving for food to warm up

2. Force yourself outside to get more fresh air and sunlight.

3. Meal prep and organise your meals, so you don’t find yourself constantly grazing on whatever you can

4. Make sure to sip the day away!

5. And my no brainer, stay active whatever you do! Your workouts don’t care its chilly, and they are still there and ready to go…make time and get it done!

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