We know the feels, you’ve been working from home for a few months now and it is freaking hard to stick to healthy eating plans. Sure, you started off meal prepping and taking full advantage of having your kitchen just 3 steps away, but now – that healthy array of ingredients in the fridge are getting further away and those sweet and salty ‘treat’ snacks are showing their face a hell of a lot more. Not to mention food delivery apps…its cool, we got your back! And we won’t tell you that your entire Sunday afternoon needs to be dedicated to baking and cooking.

Here’s my 5 picks to have on hand at your work space to get you out of trouble.

Note: none of these are fresh! By all means, chop up some celery and carrots, or fruit, or zip up a smoothie, after all, you are at home so use your fridge to its full advantage. But I probs wouldn’t recommend having that on your desk, and after all – these tips are to get you eating right easily and staying away from the kitchen (we know you bought those extra snacks last outing to the supermarket).

  1. Bliss balls / protein balls: these bad boys can last unrefrigerated for about a week, depending what you put in them. I always recommend making them yourself so you know what exactly is in there! A ball of whole foods with minimal added sugar, is perfect! A sugary bar with additives and preservatives…pass thanks.
  2. Nuts: natural almonds are the kind of fat and oil you want in your life. Steer clear of store bought trail mixes, as they generally have a bunch of sugar and salt piled into that bag (AKA: not what you need)
  3. Peanut Butter: yup, a jar of PB lives on my desk. Perfect post workout, or to add to snacks – if you do grab that fresh fruit or veg, your trusty PB is ready for dipping for that added nutritional boost.
  4. Oats: natural oats for those slumpy afternoons or ‘don’t wanna do this’ mornings are more of a lifesaver than you may think! (bonus, if you listened to point 3 you’ll have PB to mix in there)
  5. Wholegrain crackers: having natural crackers (not crisps/chips) on hand is the bomb. Your brain will think you are snacking on a bag of chips (minus the salt and sugar and all the nasties), get some crackers with flavor and you will curb your cravings in no time!

There you have it – my little guide to stop the wander to the kitchen. Where you will probably go for the easy too much treaty snacks…where although tasty, they’re also known as empty calories that won’t full you up and hold no nutritional content.