What’s better than escaping the daily grind and taking a weekend away.

But, why be like the norm and forget about your workout plan to come back thinking to yourself…S***!

Of course, take a load off and turn your cheat day into a cheat weekend – but why not workout as well!

Your body will love you for it, you’ll feel more energised for the hella day ahead and you won’t come home dreading getting back into the swing of things.

Take it from me, I know it can be difficult to get up the motivation to workout on holiday, and unless your hotel has a gym – where do you workout? That’s exactly why when  I went to Melbourne, AUS this weekend I made this quick and easy 5 minute hotel room workout, no weights, no equipment, no worries!

// 15 leg raises

// 15 bicycle (try raising your shoulders for this one to maximise effort)

// 30 side crunches (raise your legs together and crunch up to touch your knee with your elbow) 15 each side

// 15 dips off the bed

// 15 push ups


my experience with this 5 minute beauty – let this picture do the talking – I wish my workouts always has a view like this!


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