This Banana Bread recipe is kind of a big deal in my house, and i’m always making it. Mmainly because i get excited buying nanas in bulk and end up with a handful of super squishy not ideal for eating ones. So, here it is – the recipe behind it all.

And while were on all things bananas, what’s the difference between a ripe and unripe banana, how do you even tell the difference, and when is it probably time to turn them into bread?

Bananas are a awesome, natural source of carbohydrate, the composition of carbs however changes during the ripening process.

Unripe nana = High in complex carbs (starch). This gives the fruit that powdery texture when you take a bite, and can not be digested. BUT, the large amount of starch is actually essential for gut health!

Ripe nana = High levels of starch is turned into sugar, giving the fruit a sweeter taste, transforming the complex carbs into simple carbs that can be digested and utilized for energy.

Overripe nana = squishy, smells 100 times more potent than it did a few days ago – mash it up and make a bread!