What’s better than escaping the daily grind and taking a weekend away. But, why be like the norm and forget about your workout plan to come back thinking to yourself…S***! Of course, take a load off and turn your cheat day into a cheat weekend – but why not workout as well! Your body will… Read More [THE TRAVELLER]



NIKE WOMEN’S TRAINING CLUB IS COMING TO BONDI! If you haven’t already guessed, outdoor workouts are a TRIPLE FIT favorite, and having a workout at the beach just makes it that much better! so the N+TC coming down to Bondi Beach is a must for this weekend! If you want a high energy, high impact… Read More N+TC



The Australian Open of Surf has officially kicked off in Manly (YEEW!) In spirit of this annual delight, here’s a wrap up of the benefits the sport of surfing has to offer. Surfing is literally a full body workout – think of it this way, catch 10 waves and you’ve done 10 push ups…In the water,… Read More [SUMMER SURF]



Monday mornings. That is all I need to say. If you’re like the rest of us on a Monday, the last thing you want to be doing is getting out of bed for work let alone a workout. So, if your sheets have accepted you as one of their own and you’re not going anywhere… Read More [MONDAY-ITIS]



You can bring any workout to the beach, and who wouldn’t want to spend their summer days off soaking up the sun, surf and sand? But if you need some more reasons to get sandy this summer…here’s 3 why I think taking your workouts to the beach are better. 1// SUN- vitamin D – the… Read More [GET SANDY]



THE SUN IS SHINING ONCE AGAIN! For us Sydney-siders, the weather has not been too kind the past few days – so make the most of now and get wet this Summer! Working out in the pool gives added resistance, forcing you to engage more muscle fibres – without the need for a resistance machine,… Read More [GET WET THIS SUMMER]