Welcome to isolation day 217 (or like, 14, I don’t know anymore). I hope you are all keeping well being stuck in the great indoors, and you are making this new way of living work for you! The most common thing that is likely to drop off being in isolation is working out and fitness.… Read More [ AMRAP ]



What’s better than escaping the daily grind and taking a weekend away. But, why be like the norm and forget about your workout plan to come back thinking to yourself…S***! Of course, take a load off and turn your cheat day into a cheat weekend – but why not workout as well! Your body will… Read More [THE TRAVELLER]



  N+TC is a hella jam packed five-hour training challenge led by NIKE Master Trainers. This not to miss event will be held in 13 cities around the world in 2015 – and Sydney, you’re up on the 2nd of May! Held at Carriageworks from 1pm – 9:30pm, an $80 registration gets you a long… Read More [NTC TOUR SYDNEY]



NIKE WOMEN’S TRAINING CLUB IS COMING TO BONDI! If you haven’t already guessed, outdoor workouts are a TRIPLE FIT favorite, and having a workout at the beach just makes it that much better! so the N+TC coming down to Bondi Beach is a must for this weekend! If you want a high energy, high impact… Read More N+TC



Essentials for the guys; 1// 2XU compression tights – okay, so pretty similar to the girls essential. BUT, nothing can beat the benefits of these bad boys for a hard core workout or training session! faster recovery, reduced fatigue and muscle soreness, greater power, you get the drill. 2// NIKE Lunar Trainer 1 – lightweight… Read More [BOYS BAG ESSENTIALS]



…what’s the big fuss… The squat is a full body exercise, every muscle in your body is challenged when you squat; the legs and hips push the weight up, the abs and lower back tense for stability and the arms are used to pin the bar onto the back (when using weight) // Squats Build… Read More [SQUAT]



TRIPLE FIT IS UP AND RUNNING (literally!) If your anything like me, you want to make reaching your fitness goals simple and easy to manage – TRIPLE FIT  has you covered. Your one stop for all things FITNESS // NUTRITION // REHABILITATION the real triple threat! We will be with you from start to finish of your fitness… Read More [HELLO]