The Australian Open of Surf has officially kicked off in Manly (YEEW!)

In spirit of this annual delight, here’s a wrap up of the benefits the sport of surfing has to offer.

Surfing is literally a full body workout – think of it this way, catch 10 waves and you’ve done 10 push ups…In the water, against waves, balancing on a board (as if push ups were a piece of cake on land). Surfing is also great for muscle tone, endurance, and cardiovascular health. And I definitely don’t complain when I get to bring my work out into the saltwater under the sun!

The only downside would be that surfing isn’t completely symmetrical, it’s a good idea to supplement surfing with something like yoga so that your muscles don’t become unbalanced, and this will also help your balance and stability when you’re out in the water. One pose I love to include for a surfing warm up is WARRIOR 2; it’s similar to a surfers stance when up on their board. While it also strengthens and stretches the legs, hips, groin and shoulders.

– HOW TO –

1// step your left foot behind you and straighten the right foot so its facing forward and the left foot on a 90 degree angle to the left.

2// Raise your arms wide to shoulder level.

3// Bend your right knee directly over the right ankle so that your right shim is perpendicular to the floor. Press the left food firmly into the ground.

4// Turn head to the right and hold for 5 long breaths. Reverse and practice on the other side.

Now, get up and into the water for surf!

(Or at least head down to Manly to watch the AOS post “normal” workout)

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