With Summer just around the corner, it seems every where you look there is a campaign to get “bikini body ready”.

My take on it all – put a bikini on your body, you are now ready!

Okay, I know that may be taking it all a little literally but everyone has an absolutely BANGIN’ body, and if you are happy with yourself (which you should be) then you will look amazing getting your tan on at the beach regardless.

BUT…for those of us who do want to trim up a little in the short lead up to summer days and warmer nights, here are my top 5 tips;




Not the 100g of pretty packaged quinoa for the low price of $20.00 kind.

The natural and fresh kind! No to low processing will work wonders to clean out you insides.


Try and buy local fresh produce, so you know where your meals are coming from. Especially when you’re stocking up on fruit and veg, keep it local and keep it fresh.


It sounds like a odd one, but my rule of thumb is to have at least 3 colours in every meal! its a easy way to gage if you are actually getting a variety of goodies in your gob rather than the 50 shades of brown (we’re looking at you, burgers)


You hear it everywhere but it really is important, not only to replenish fluids lost in sweat, especially as the weather warms up but also to keep everything moving and digesting! I try to have 500mL every morning before my feet even touch the ground to kick start my metabolism. And I keep on sipping throughout the day to the likes of around 3L.


Get your dose of vitamin D while you work out, it doesn’t have to be long…in fact, 15 – 20 minute high intensity workouts are pretty much all you need to stay taught and trim (so if your strapped for time, this is NO EXCUSE!)

Remember, working out and diet is a 50:50 relationship, so don’t skimp out on one or the other!

See ya on the sand x

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