The countdown is on! with just 21 days until Summer kicks off in AUS, a lot of people are freakin’ out that their bod isn’t beach ready!

Here’s the TRIPLE FIT quick guide to get you ready!

Get the look –

for the girls, you can’t beat the Nike Pro Short! The Mezzo logo short in volt is for sure a TRIPLE FIT staple this Summer, bright, light and of course – Nike Dri-Fit to keep you cool and sweat free while you work out in the climbing heat!

And then we have the Nike Pro Indy bra; V-neck, padded, supportive and looks awesome! Need i say more…


For the guys, we’re sticking with Nike again! The Pro Combat range is killer! Super light and breathable, compression where you need it and breathability panels where you want it – perfect!guys

Get the right workout spot –

Of course, if you already have a gym membership; KEEP GOING! But if you don’t, don’t freak! Outdoor workouts are a favorite here at TRIPLE FIT – it’s sunny, it’s hot, and we’re surrounded by beaches…is this not enough of a reason for you to want to be outside? High Intensity FITT workouts are the best for a quick and effective workout, use the park bench for dips or step ups, get down to the beach for a sand run for added resistance (trust me, dry soft sand is worse than adding any extra incline on the treadmill!) or better yet, if you have a board – GO SURFING! Surfing is a full body killer workout to feel the burn in muscles you didn’t even know where there!

Get the glow –


Summer is all about that ‘glow’ right? We’re talking sun kissed, shiny and fresh faced – again…get your butt outside (BONUS, you get a tan while your working out), but once the workout is done – get dirty with FRANK! yep, guys too! All natural coffee based scrub; that smells good enough to eat! Get scrubbing!

And voila! The super quick TRIPLE FIT guide to get you ready for Summer! Remember to keep your eyes on the @TRIPLE.FIT instagram for your daily dose of motivation and workouts.

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