One of the best things I’ve heard (and by best I mean I hear it a lot, so it’s obviously a thing people believe) is that sugar has zero fat!

Yeah, true! But our liver can and does turn sugar INTO fat. Too much sugar = an excess of fat, and visceral fat to be precise (the kind you don’t want, the excess, flabby kind). So while there is the obvious that sugar can cause weight gain, and has health risks associated, what else can it be doing to you?

Sugar rushes. Glucose spikes and rock bottom lows – you know, when you get super hyped and buzzed after eating all the candy? This instability can lead to ‘false’ food cravings, fatigue and SUPER bad headaches.

Your cold could last that little but longer. Bacteria love sugar, and feeds off it to keep growing! So if you’re munching the sugar when you have the sniffles, chances are you aren’t doing yourself any favours.

So, we all know fruit has sugar, does that mean fruit is bad too?

Nope! Fruit has a heap of other ‘healthy’ things too to balance it out.

Sugar molecules are either monosaccharides (simple) like glucose and fructose or disaccharides (complex) like sucrose and lactose.

Fruit contains natural sugars, which are a mix of sucrose, fructose and glucose (complex). And the good news, this sugar isn’t harmful when it comes from fruit. Why? Fruit also has a bunch of nutrients! When consumed, these break down everything in the fruit (yes, including sugar) and delivers it to the relevant needing part of your body to maintain and enhance function. So while fruit is mixed with all the goodness, it’s pretty damn hard to consume excessive amounts of fructose by eating whole fruits. The same applies to natural and whole foods containing sugar.

CANDY on the other hand, and the sugar added treats are full of simple sugars. That means it’s the processed kind, which is stripped of all nutrients and the rest of the good stuff we need to correctly and beneficially process and break down what we are consuming.

What to do? Keep it raw! Raw sugar or any sugar derived from whole foods like coconut sugar. This hasn’t been processed and stripped from all the nutrients balancing out the monosaccharides. You don’t have to ‘quit sugar’ or read the nutritional value of every single thing now, but be smart about what your consuming a heap of. Everything in moderation, and where possible; baby keep it raw!

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