[SPIN CLASSES: and how to get over your hate of cardio]

To cardio or not to cardio?

It is zero secret that ‘traditional’ cardio and I are NOT friends! I’m not talking about water sports (I’m definitely a water baby and had a past career in swimming) so this little write up is talking about stereotypical gym cardio (you know, on land) and more specifically the dreaded TREADMILL. I could never enjoy the act of running, be it on the road, or in the same place, not moving, staring at a wall, on a treadmill.

Weight training will forever be a go to; and it’s a hell of a lot better to get toned, trimmed, fit and healthy! However, it’s obvious that cardio is necessary for cardiovascular endurance, aerobic fitness and that all over calorie burn. So how do you get in your cardio if you’re like me and hate running, get bored on a cross trainer, and overall can’t bring yourself to do more than 15 minutes of aerobic exercise by yourself? SPIN CLASS!

Why I love these things…

They’re interactive, fun and you don’t really feel like your exercising! With the pumping music, blue light, and an overly energetic instructor screaming at you, how could you not be intrigued?! A class typically lasts 45 minutes, and believe me, it feels like a full on, killer workout! No boring and monotonous steady state here! A class burns around 600-800 calories, and will have you sweating from start to finish.

Benefits; increased muscular and cardiovascular endurance, increased lung capacity, help with controlling your breathing (the harder you work at a high intensity, the more you learn to control your breath), decreased resting heart rate, less pressure on your knees than traditional cardio, strengthen your core! (WINNER) and enhanced mental state…trust me, when that instructor stares you down and turns up the music, you get a “can do” attitude! Much more than you would doing cardio solo.

Alright, so I know you’re sold on the spin idea! But aside from killer classes – how do you get around your hate for that traditional cardio I was talking about when you can’t get to a class; Intervals, sprints and circuits

Mix it up, don’t stay on the same exercise for prolonged periods, blast those tunes and go for it!

Cardio isn’t all that bad.

You still won’t catch me on a treadmill though… 

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