Since having all this extra ‘home time’ over the past 6 months, we got to thinking. What do we need, what do we want, and what will we actually do to get it?

Being in lockdown (to whatever extent your city is or was in) meant that all the excuses of not having enough time, not being able to meal prep and not having a gym membership went out the window. Because let’s be real, you’re working, staying and living at home – the kitchen is right there for on the spot meals, and gyms were closed so working out at home was the norm.

Puts it into perspective, right? All the things we complained about were gone. Of course at a massive cost, but just looking at the silver lining, cues were gone, traffic was a thing of the past, you had more time at home, home cooked meals were so possible, at-home workouts sky rocketed and so did their accessibility. And yet, did you really change your lifestyle into that #FITSPO that you said you would if all your ‘excuse reasoning’ wasn’t a barrier? Yep, didn’t think so,

So, here’s what we came to

  1. Having a goal is all well and good, but if the plan you make to reach that goal does not allow for treats or off-days, its not sustainable and probably wont work like you planned.
  2. Saying ‘if you don’t want to eat ‘bad’ foods, don’t buy them’ is also all well and good, until it’s a month later and you finally say STUFF IT and go buy that thing you’ve been craving for 4 weeks. Which by the way, you’re more likely to want more of what you don’t or can’t have – meaning instead of one bite (or whatever it is) you’re likely to eat the whole damn thing.
  3. Planning to work out each and every day is a great idea, and in most cases totally do-able. But if you or your trainer goes mental for one skipped session, good bye motivation.

What’s my point? Let’s get unfiltered. Let’s cut the BS. Let’s get REAL. Its time to build your UNFILTERED BASE.

What does this mean?

You want to eat chocolate? Go for it.

You skipped a session or two this week? That’s fine, throw in a harder finisher when you’re back to training or increase the intensity.

You feel like a carb loaded dinner with wine? Wine not!

Point is, having a perfect plan, perfect workout routine AND perfect diet is not sustainable for most of us, even if we do one really well, do we truly do all three? And THAT is the new direction of TRIPLE FIT. No longer is FITNESS | NURTITION | REHABILITATION our triple threat. Rehabilitation should come into fitness (read our vibe on what we call FITNESS). And lifestyle shouldn’t be an add on. It’s what builds us! It’s the stuff you fill your house with, the stuff you put on your face and hair, the places we go, the attitude we take. And that, is pretty damn important.


Build your base, without the BS. Get the foundations right and your head in the right mindset, and everything else will fall into place.

BS | The things we think we need to do in order to be fit, healthy and active. No carbs, counting macros, no days off.

Unfiltered | The raw, natural, uncut reality to the lifestyle you want to achieve. A solid and balanced base, like donut in one hand, dumbbell in the other!

Welcome to the new #TFTRIBE. Join us in building you base today.