Hey heeey August!

Okay, so July is done and dusted, but that doesn’t mean that your plastic free efforts should stop.

Lets continue to make a freaking awesome difference to our fabulous earth! For anyone who was living under a plastic rock this last month and didn’t look at any health-inspo insta accounts – Plastic Free July is an initiative started right here down under in a bid to encourage people to become more aware of their plastic use for generations to come.

PSA: Plastic does not break down. Ever. It will always be around for years and years to come and sadly, a majority of this toxic filled crap ends up in our oceans. Some freaky stats for you (cause in a scientist, ya know) our ocean has that much plastic floating around to equal 1 kilo, per person, EACH YEAR! that is 8 million metric tons per year…not cool.

And what are our biggest culprits? Plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic bottles and disposable coffee cups and lids. If we don’t make a change…by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! So, I’m sure that’s more than enough of a reason to continue with your Plastic Free July efforts, and if you can’t go completely plastic free, here’s my top tips

  1. Take reusable bags shopping with you
  2. Hand your happy barista a reusable coffee cup for your daily grind, or if you really forget, go lid-less!
  3. Buy your produce fresh, not pre packaged. And when you grap your fresh goods, use a mesh bag or just throw them in the basket loose (trust me, it wont hurt them)
  4. Don’t be a sucker! go sans straw or BYO
  5. Make you’re own meals, no pre packed meals means no unnecessary plastic and you get to try out new creations in the kitchen (winner)

Be happy, love your earth!