Gone are the days of excuses! So many things come to mind when someone is asked why they don’t work out as much as they would like to – Gym is too far away, a membership is too expensive, working out is too intimidating in a gym when you don’t feel strong or fit enough, the list goes on. NEVER will someone say it’s because they don’t think outside the box or because they don’t put fitness at a high enough priority. And the biggest excuse (sorry, reason) that I hear of why people can’t work out is TIME! And not enough of it.

ENOUGH OF THE EXCUSES. Yep, I said it…they’re all excuses! Here’s a sneak peak of a little outdoor workout I put together that is high intensity, simple, does not require hardly ANY equipment and most importantly QUICK! I have some stairs on the side of my house (12 to be exact) so that was the location of choice for me, otherwise you can use any stairs anywhere! Get outside!



Always start with a quick warm up to increase heart rate, get your blood pumping and warm up your muscles to prevent injury. 5 minutes is all you need so get creative, some cardio like a light jog, dynamic stretches, and jumping jacks…GO FOR GOLD!

…what I did…

Tuck jumps, high knees, butt kicks, burpees (30 seconds of each) and a quick stretch of main muscle groups.



Squat jumps

Walking lunges

Side sumo squats (make sure to do both sides – the upper leg is the one that wil get worked!)


Point to note, if you’re working with less stairs (under 10) add more sets as fit. If you have a killer staircase that you’re staring up at, only use the top few (max 15-20).



3x 2min jump rope

Again, take a quick rest between sets and don’t forget to keep hydrated.


CORE; I always like to end my sessions with some core, core stability, endurance and musculature is so important for absolutely everything! Assisting performance in all sports and balance.

20x crunches

18x sit ups (elbows over knee)

16x Russian twists

14x bicycle

12x leg raises

10 second hover (legs straight and about 10cm over the ground)

Don’t forget to do a quick stretch again to finish up, bringing your heart rate down, stretching the main muscles used to release any tension, quick jog to remove any lactic acid build up (you won’t have much from such quick spurts of energy but any reduced DOMS is good).




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