Hello warmer weather, (almost) longer days, brighter skies and better vibes.

If you cant tell, I got a thing for summer. And although its freaking me out massively that we are already in the 10th month of the year, I am SO excited to practically move my entire life outside. Cue some super simple outdoor workouts, that require minimal equipment and you can even do it on your lunch break. I would know, I live by this to get me away from my desk!

I’ve split my fav exercises into a 2 day split – upper body and lower body…read on and I swear you’ll find it that much harder to find an excuse not to work out.

Upper Body

What you need
Chair or bench

What you can do
Tricep dips

Skull crushers (laying down, raise your arms straight up holding a dumbbell, bend your elbow until the weight touches your forehead)

Bent over row

Shoulder sevens
7 x bent arm lateral raises
7 x straight arm lateral raises
7 x straight arm raises (in front of you)
7 x shoulder press

Push ups

Sledge hammer / whatever you call it (sweeping one arm diagonally in front of you with a dumbbell)

Lower Body

What you need
Chair or bench

What you can do
Step ups

Raised lunges

Jump squats

Walking lunges (if you have resistance bands, use them NOW)

Glute bridges

Hamstring bridges (straight leg with your feet on a step or chair)

Crab walks

Wall sit

Calf raises three ways (toes out, toes forward and toes in)


Do you choose upper or lower body? Do every exercise or pick 3-4
45 seconds ON and 15 seconds OFF for each exercise
Repeat each round 3 times


I finish every workout with a quick core session. 12 reps of every exercise for 3 sets

Sit ups

Reverse crunches (toe taps)

Leg raises

Turtles (ankle taps)

Russian twists

Finish with a 45 second plank (just one, promise)

2 day split for your working week sorted! When you wake up, on your lunch break or when you get home – there are no excuses here and I can guarantee you have a chair or bench outside.

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