IT’S NOVEMBER! One month closer to Summer and damn its good with the longer days and warmer nights. It’s always easier to prioritize your health in the warmer months, the layers come off, the sun comes out and the fresh produce market is in full swing. But, aside from the weather, how else can you get motivated, and stay motivated?

Remember – motivation turns into action and actions turn into habit. Your Spring clean (both literally and physically) is the best time to start building habits to keep for life. SO…should you be getting out or getting in(doors)?

Stop and think about where you work best for a second, is it in a structured office environment, where all you can hear is the ticking on keyboards, and there are minimal distractions around (aside from your favorite coworker who occasionally (read: always), throws something at your head or emails you the “next best thing you HAVE to look at”. Or do you prefer to chase the sun? Turning any outdoor space into your new workstation and taking inspiration from nature (well, maybe just using the natural vibes) to stay productive.

If your answer is the latter – we are the same kind of people! You can workout anywhere and at any time. It doesn’t have to be your 6am Monday morning spin class, it can be the ‘I can’t concentrate at 2:30 in the arvo so I’ll do a workout in my living room’ exercise, or the ‘I’ve got a kettlebell around here and a couch, so that’ll make a killer HIIT workout’ exercise. Good for you, you can get your daily dose of endorphins anywhere and chances are, you probably do!

People like this are generally less structured in their diets too. You regularly eat healthy, but don’t feel down if you choose to have a sneaky snack or forget to meal prep.

Answered the office? Don’t stress. You just need a little more structure to your workouts. Try organizing to workout with a friend, this will hold you accountable to actually showing up and getting S*** done, as there is someone else relying on you! Or better yet, book your classes in early, get in a routine each week at your gym and go to the same class (or at least a class at the same time) each week. You’ll train better at a gym or environment around people who are there for the same reason, rather than at home. Instructors and PTs are your friend, you don’t need to think about what you are going to do – just listen and GO!

Unlike the above group, you may be more likely to freak out if you forget to meal prep and as a result go without food rather than grabbing something easy to keep you energized and fueled for the day. Anything to not break the eating plan! (PSA: not a good idea…you need to EAT!) Remember, to have a healthy relationship with food, this is where you will get a majority of your health and fitness goals coming true.

Bottom line find out what works for you and stick to it! There is no point trying out something that just isn’t your vibe – if you know how you work best and where your strengths lie, go with it!

What else can get you motivated?

When are you awake most? When do you feel most productive?

If the answer is at night…don’t go setting early bird goals or booking a 6am class! Also get in the habit of prioritizing your day. If you have a report due, washing to be done, errands to run and you still want to get your exercise fix in – prioritize what you need to get done first. If you’re a morning person and most productive at 7am; set this time aside for your ‘need to do now’ tasks, setting times for your to-do list will hold you accountable to get them done, and provide you with a timeframe that you should be finished within. That’ll mean by the end of the day you won’t be left thinking where did the day go and how do I still have so much stuff to get done.