I generally say ‘morning’ instead of ‘good morning’ with the view that if it was a good morning, I’d be on vacation, on a beach, baking in the sun. BUT, this routine helps make those mornings that little touch better.

5 steps to a delight of a day

1// NO snoozing! I try to get up with my bodies natural clock, and sleeping with the curtains open to let that sun in as it rises is generally my wake up call. For the rainy, no-sun, don’t-want-to-move mornings – make sure you DON’T PRESS SNOOZE! Get up as soon as you hear your alarm, you’ve already broken your sleep cycle and by going back to sleep can actually make you tireder when you finally do rise.

2// Drink. Start your day with a glass of water, I literally will have water before my feet hit the ground. The flushes out your body, wakes up your insides and starts that metabolism.

3// Stretch. I stretch first thing in the morning, get your body moving, stretch out dormant muscles and let yourself know you ain’t gonna be laying down anymore. And hey, you can even do it in bed if you want to!

4// Get organised for the day. Small jobs make big differences! Make your bed, choose your clothes for the day and get everything out that you’ll need for the day. You’ll feel like you’ve already accomplished something, feel less stressed when you’re trying to head out the door and who doesn’t like coming home to a made bed.

5// Eat! You know the drill, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. But seriously though, it kick-starts digestion and you’ll start your bodies internal processes, for a full day of digesting, using appropriate energy, absorption of the right stuff and excretion of the others.

Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going!

And your habits become your routine; what you eat, do you work out every day, etc. etc.

So routine is GREAT! But what about if after those delightful morning steps, your routine turns to crap at work?

It is so easy to get stuck when you’re working the 9-5 and your daily grind can lead to inactivity during work. Those 8 hours of [generally] bad posture, hunched over a computer, sitting for hours can be way more detrimental than you’re working to counteract!

My solution? MIX UP YOUR ROUTINE! (whaaaaat, I just gave you one for the morning, now I’m changing it during the day?!) Kind of. More so just changing yours!

Sit on an exercise ball at work, make sure your snacks are in the kitchen furthest from your desk, go for a walk at lunch, or do what I do, half | half your lunch break with a workout and food!

We all know that eating within 30 minutes of completing exercise is beneficial, so this one works well.

Don’t have any equipment? That’s cool, CLICK HERE! And I’ve also coaxed some colleagues to start boxing with me outside in the car park and have made a circuit with stairs, office chairs, some bands and a floor. Surely you can manage that right?

Getting outside and exercising intermittently in general can also increase mindfulness, alertness, concentration, get you feeling refreshed, beat the sleepiness and sluggishness that your desk brings, the list goes on.