I like to think of myself as having two workouts…one to get me pumped up and motivated (while leaving me sore as heck the next day) and the other to get me motivated, relaxed, focused and ready.


We all know exercise releases endorphins or the happy hormone to make you feel good, but how can it change your mindset?

Whether you’re a year 12 student finishing up your HSC, a university student sitting finals, a worker with a lot on your plate or an athlete getting ready to compete…mindset is everything.

Light workouts like easy outdoor running, light plyometrics, swimming and stretching helps you focus and clears your mind, even if its just for a second! And do NOT forget recovery! Long hold stretches and hydro therapy in the spa is a great time to hone in on what’s important to you for that day and really focus on the task ahead of you.

Listening to music whilst working out also helps you relax, distracting your mind from the actual physiological work that your body is performing.

So if your feeling stressed or worked up…go for a run, put on some music and jump in the spa. Stop. Relax. Regather.

And smash it out!