Welcome to July!

We have officially found ourselves smack bang in the middle of Winter…

Now, i know some of you will definitely be using the cold weather as an excuse for an extra cheat day, or a reason for gaining some extra ‘insulation’.

This stops here.

With the use of COCONUT!

// Coconut oil is an amazing substitute for the cooking that you’re more likely to be doing in the winter months, let’s face it – who wants to eat cold salads when its 10 degrees outside

// By subbing in coconut oil instead of olive oil – you could be eating less, without even trying! Coconut oil can actually reduce hunger due to the way the fatty acids are metabolised, as ketone bodies can have an appetite reducing effect.

// Coconut Oil can ALSO increase your energy expenditure by boosting  your metabolism, helping you burn more fat and slim down! (even more of a reason to not blame winter for the extra insulation).

– side notes –

// That coco is not only amazing for your insides, but your outside too! with hydrating properties, coconut works wonders on your skin and hair, helping you push away from the usual ‘dry skin, dry hair’ business we associate with colder weather

// Lauric acid found in coconut oil can actually kill off bacteria, helping you stay away from the Winter cold and flu and keeping you healthy and happy – so you can continue to workout, right?

It may be abnormally freezing for us Sydney siders, but the excuses for not looking and feeling our best due to Winter are looong gone!

keep on keeping on.

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