My top five tips to making your bedroom the best little space it possibly can be for your wellbeing.

1. Pimp your bed. I’m a HUGE fan of linen, it looks good, has a natural feel, it’s organic and it’s thermoregulatory! This is the real win for a good night’s sleep – the weave and properties of linen mean that it can keep you warm on colder nights but also cool throughout Summer. And I feel surely everyone knows by now that a good night’s sleep is pretty damn essential.

2. Burn baby burn! Scented candles or essential oils are a must. Great for relaxation, and a sense of home – time out time, you know?

3. Get the green thumb. Indoor plants and I are practically best mates; they remove carbon dioxide from the air along with dust particles. Meaning cleaner air space and increased oxygen making you feel fresh and revitalised.

4. Go for the H2O. Keeping a bottle of water by your bed should be a thing you ‘just do’. Drinking water before you knock off for the day will help your body finish off its job digesting everything easier and smoother, meaning you start your day flushing out toxins and feeling renewed for the day. Likewise, a massive cup of water first thing in the morning before your feet hit the ground kick starts your metabolism! Your insides will love you for this one.

5. Get bendy and make it a daily ritual. Morning or night, have a spot set aside for a 10 minute stretch, meditation, yoga session…whatever your body needs for that particular day. Increased blood flow and mindfulness, improved clarity and posture (which means less aches and pains)

Sleep well, Tribe!