Time at the beach, layers of sunscreen and oils, drinking more cocktails than you normally would (or the same amount that you always have, whatever, I won’t judge) and some extra treats on the table.
Sound amazing, right? But what will this do for your skin…no good.


Here’s some of my go-to products to stay clean, fresh and glowy through the holidays.



1// Wash off with natural micellar water. The micelles attract dirt and oil to draw out impurities and leave your skin fresh and clean, without drying it out.
2// A good face mask…I love the feeling of good clay mask (natural of course). African Botanics is one of the top for me. The mineral cleansing mask is designed to reduce redness, inflammation and skin congestion while providing nutrients and minerals to boost cellular renewal and circulation. YES PLEASE.
3// Of course we then have to end with a great natural argan oil. Click that to read why I love this stuff.
4// The lips! You can’t rock a festive red lip with sunburnt or chapped lips, scrub away the ICK with a lip scrub – Zen Botanics ‘all natural no nasties’ is my favourite; and hydrate it with a ‘use for everything’ thick lip balm. Lanolips here we come!


Wake up fresh, glowy and ready to pour a cocktail and do it all over again. Staying hydrated throughout the day with a pure rosewater mist.

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