Tips to staying on your game this holiday season.


Its Christmas break, the family feeding frenzy of December 25th is over…so obviously if you can, your booking a plane ticket and getting the f**k outta here! Travel, zoom off on a spontaneous road trip, and head to Bali for a week, you name it! But you don’t want to throw away the months of getting summer bod ready in a week of cocktails and no training. Here’s my tips to staying on your game and keeping in shape while abroad.

1.       Pack your sneakers and at least one active wear outfit. Not like this is hard, who doesn’t travel in their active wear! But having it with you shows you at least have the intention of not being a complete potato while away

2.       Be adventurous! If you’re doing day trips, opt for seeing the sights on foot like a walking tour or a hike through whatever sights interest you. Hire a bike and ride through the streets (who cares, you’re a tourist!)

3.       Wake up earlier. Okay I know you read that one and thought I must be having a laugh, who goes on vacation to wake up early? BUT hear me out, waking up with the sun will give you increased energy for the day so you’ll feel less sluggish and more likely to fit a workout in your day. And seeing a foreign sunrise is always a bonus.

Happy traveling!


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