Goals. They’re freaking important and we under utilize them way too much. Here’s my little spiel on these magical habit makers, and some tips to get them impacting you (for the better).

The GROW model. This is the easiest model to base any change of behavior.


Current Reality

Options (or obstacles)

Will (or way forward)

So, how does it work? Start with establishing a goal, it could be short term, long term, mindful or physical. Absolutely anything you like. Just make sure it is SMART. i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.  

Next, examine your reality. Have you started taking steps toward this goal before? Could there be any other goals you have that may impact or interfere with this one?

What about your options? Once you know your reality, maybe there is a conflicting goal…how will you overcome this, or work around it? If time restraints are your reality (hello working life) how can you fit in time…correction, MAKE time, to fulfill your goals success?

And lastly, will. How motivated and determined are you? If the answer is not enough, how can you change this so that you are? Remember, the more determined you are and the clearer the path forward is for you, the easier and ultimately better it will be for you to reach your goals.

Alright so we have the framework and we know how to set goals. But why set them?

Writing things down makes us more accountable for achieving them, and the satisfaction of crossing off a goal is So. Damn. Good. For our self-esteem and confidence, motivating us to do better and out-do our next move. Best part, this is all pretty intrinsically programmed to our brain, so you won’t even need to think about it before next minute you’re #LivingYourBestLife

What are some things you can create goals for? Do they have to be big or physical like going to the gym or loosing weight? HECK NO!

Be it doing one extra gym class, stretching every morning, treating yourself to a face mask, saving enough money to buy something you’ve had your eye on, baking something each week, whatever your heart desires. And trust me, if you write it down and give yourself a specific time frame to achieve it, chances are you will. Get there before your designated time frame, and the satisfaction of crossing off that goal early will work wonders for you – motivating you to set a bigger, better and more beneficial goals in the future.

So, get thinking. Or better yet, get writing.

We all have that ‘if only I could…’ or ‘one day I will…’

Stop dreaming and get a damn timeframe and pathway in place for that ‘if only’ moment to get S**T done!

P.S. Bootcamps are back in Summer. Goal to get active? Get in touch!