get wet


For us Sydney-siders, the weather has not been too kind the past few days – so make the most of now and get wet this Summer!

Working out in the pool gives added resistance, forcing you to engage more muscle fibres – without the need for a resistance machine, PLUS water is continuous – no temptation to make it easier, ’cause well, you cant. So when it gets hard (and it will) keep going!

Need more reasons to get in the water? Work out smarter, treading water hard and fast can kill 11 calories a minute,

that’s almost the same as 5km/h run. Enough said.

1 // Jog in place with high knees

2// Flutter kick – hold on to the edge of the pool with arms extended and KICK QUICK

Want to make it harder? Keep your feet together and dolphin kick as hard and fast as you can – don’t stop for 30 seconds for an ab killer

3// Water crunches – hook your legs over the side of the pool to do a crunch with resistance!

4// Outer thigh lift – stand with left leg against the wall, feet together, and lift your right leg out to the side. Do 20 reps and change side.

5// Treading water with your arms in the air

Do as many reps of each exercise you can in 30 seconds and repeat twice, as you get fitter, try 45 seconds.

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