beach day

You can bring any workout to the beach, and who wouldn’t want to spend their summer days off soaking up the sun, surf and sand?

But if you need some more reasons to get sandy this summer…here’s 3 why I think taking your workouts to the beach are better.

1// SUN- vitamin D – the essential vitamin improves muscle function (yep, it actually reduces the onset of fatigue), boosts your immune system and also activates the production of leptin, which helps slim down all the right areas by signalling the brain and stomach to help curb your appetite. And who doesn’t want a summer glow (just make sure you keep up the sunscreen so your tan doesn’t become a burn)

2// SURF – salt water ocean swims – swimming is  a great  aerobic exercise in a pool, add the impact of ducking under waves and walking through waist deep water to work out your abs that little bit more. Salt water is also cleansing to the skin, a great stress relief and stimulates blood circulation. Enough said.

3// SAND – weather you hate it or love it, you’re surrounded by it at the beach (big shocker) so put it to some good use and do some sand sprints – sprinting on any surface is hard, sprinting on soft sand is the hardest of them all and it also puts less stress on your ankles and knees because of the greater shock absorption.


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