[ FITSOAP: the post workout routine you need now ]

The countdown to Spring is in full force, and you haven’t exactly stuck to that exercise plan to get you beach ready. Or maybe you have and your killing it at gym, but can’t back it up as quick as you’d like because walking down stairs seems like a workout in itself after leg day. (we’ve all been there). And now there’s a solution! For any gym junkie, the arrival of FITSOAP to your gym bag is like Christmas. Packed with all natural ingredients that help you get back to training and recover quicker. YES PLEASE.

As far as  I’m concerned, FITSOAP can do no wrong! All natural, cruelty free and backed with science (we like science). The wash and soap stops the spread of bacteria, draws out sweaty toxins and removes the stink that you really do have after you finish sweating it out at gym.  And the soak…muscle soreness is no longer an excuse for skipping one (or three) days of training. You can keep working on that bangin’  beach bod all week long with the help of these magnesium packed grains of goodness; assisting to repair tired muscles and reduce inflammation.

They also managed to squeeze in a heap of natural and nourishing oils, keeping your skin firm and hydrated so you look as good as you feel. BONUS.

These products are now definitely a staple in my gym bag. After a massive day of training clients and working out my skin feels fresh, energised and hydrated. And my muscles are relaxed and ready to go again.

Head to to order your new greatest post workout pack. You need it.


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