Eating healthy while overseas or travelling

It’s not hard, and a lot of the time, it looks damn good!
So how do you make healthy choices when on vacay, or just when you’re eating out in general?

1. Pre-plan! Do some research on the restaurants and cafes that are out and about and look ahead to the menu (you don’t need to tell me twice to plan out my next meal). When travelling to Bali I sought out a few VEGAN cafes, that offer plant based, healthy food and drinks, and look super cute as well…cause, sometimes that’s half the fun right?

2. Order to your macros. Kinda, don’t go asking for nutritional information on the meal (the waiter and whoever you are eating with will think you’re a real knob), but use your head, what are the main ingredients? Are they high in fat? Do they include the protein you need? Is it full of simple high GI carbs? And then go about swapping out ingredients or adding some.

3. Keep it local. This one is especially fun when you’re overseas to really get into the culture! But why? Generally when you eat local to the place you are, the ingredients are fresh! Eating ‘western’ food in an Asian country will probably mean your meal is more likely to be processed and not so great for you.

What I aim for? Local meals, ordering plant based where possible (and then adding a protein like chicken), keeping up fluids (the hydrating H2O and electrolyte kind, not the margarita kind) and making sure I keep my nutrients up but adding simple things like extra lentils (protein), mushrooms (good for everything), avo (good fats) or fruit and veggies (fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and all the rest).

And let’s face it, healthy is the cool thing right now, so most places you can find quinoa or an acai bowl somewhere on the menu…NO EXCUSES!

Now cue the Bali spam cause these meals are the freaking best I’ve seen in. my. life!