WELL S***!

We are in the final stretch to Christmas, the final stretch to the New year and the final stretch to the end of a DECADE!

As if that wasn’t enough to think about, you’ve also got Christmas cooking and present gifting to get sorted all while making sure you still have time to get your workouts in and your meal prep done. (No, tasting the sauce and snacking on what your baking does not count as a sustainable diet). So, here’s a spiel on how to have a waste free Christmas, and how to stay on top of it all.

  1. Buy bulk! We get it, its hard to be plastic free when you’re shopping in a hurry. Buying bulk or buying from the market will make it super easy! Going to the local butcher for your Christmas ham or turkey, shopping for seafood at the fish markets, grabbing your veggies from the fruit market. All of these places won’t have prepacked, unnecessarily quadruple coated Christmas themed boxing, and, you can get as much as you want to feed all the hungry guests, you’re going to be hosting…bu-bye wasteful food packaging.
  2. Choose to reuse. Reuse wrapping paper or gift bags, or even boxes from the market to wrap your gifts. No need to go out and buy rolls of paper just for it to be ripped off and thrown away…and we promise it’ll be super cute still.
  3. Can the crackers. Christmas crackers are a must, cause, DUH they’re fun. But they also come in a plastic box, filled with plastic toys. Try your hand at making your own and fill them with things your family will actually like! Homemade bliss balls or a mini cocktail anyone?
  4. Prepare to prep. Get stuck into your baking a day or two before Christmas day. Think of it as meal prep on a massive scale. Stuffing, sauces, veggies, even the ham, can all be prepped 1-2 days before the main event. The more you can organize before and have it in the fridge ready to throw in the oven on the morning, the better and stress free you will be. Just remember, take your turkey out of the fridge about 2 hours before popping it in the oven – cold to hot in little time won’t be so tasty.
  5. Start googling those recipes (or check the nutrition section of ma blog). Its easy to overindulge at the Christmas table, and why not – you should! But if you bake and make all your dishes yourself you know exactly what’s in them! Cut out the preservatives, added sugar and artificial sweeteners or choose to substitute those ingredients that will make you bloated and sluggish. That way no matter how much you eat, at least you know it’ll be natural and (somewhat) healthier.
  6. Make a mocktail. Alcohol is at almost every Christmas lunch, and all the pre and post festivities over the silly season. If you want to give it a rest and up your nutrients, throw a mocktail on the menu. It can be as sugar free and festive as you like, it’ll look great and skip the sugar and alcohol overload (you’re welcome).
  7. Drink water. I don’t need to explain…its hot, you’re eating and drinking, you need water to aid digestion and keep you hydrated. Don’t ask questions here.
  8. Snack prep the s*** out of your life. Running between stores, baking and gym will mean your food may take a back seat. Make sure you have some snacks on hand like protein balls, boiled eggs, chopped fruit and veggies ready to go for those last minute grabs.
  9. Prioritize your workouts. I know, running around the supermarket and shopping mall kinda counts as cardio. But you will feel so much better to pre-work off Christmas with a proper workout. We all know I love home workouts, but with a giant to-do list, try and get outside or to the gym to get your workout done. There will be less distractions and you’re more likely to smash it out!
  10. This one is my forever go to…make lists. It’s obvious, it’s easy, it will help you remember to get it done without going to bed wondering what you have to do the next morning. Just do it. Trust me.

That’s all tribe. Don’t worry, you got this! And if you’re still thinking where the heck did this year go?!

Chances are, it’s gone into the days that you were too busy to get outside, the hours spent scrolling on your phone and the plans you were too tired to show up to. Our New Year’s resolution – be more present and more aware. Stop and enjoy what’s around you and all the magical moments that you would otherwise miss. Cause when you think about it, life is pretty damn amazing.

Merry Christmas!