So I’ve heard this a lot lately, like A LOT! Enough to make me want to tap away on the keyboard to write a little piece for you.   People always use the saying “when one door closes, another door opens”, right? I don’t understand it, weather it be not reaching that personal best you… Read More [ KEEP GOING ]



It’s the age old saying; you go on your long awaited holiday only to return 5 kilos heavier…because, when on holidays you eat what you want! Now,  i’m not saying to watch everything you eat and ask that waiter in a foreign restaurant “how many calories are in this”. But here are a few tips… Read More WORKOUTS AND WANDERLUST


[ SUMMER ’17 ]

#1 SWEAT IS GOOD Sweating is one of your body’s mechanisms of keeping you cool, especially in this crazy Aussie heat! #2 HYDRATE Although your busy sweating it out under the sun, hydration is key! weather you’re lounging by the water, or in the middle of a killer workout – REPLACE YOUR FLUID LOSS! Take… Read More [ SUMMER ’17 ]


[ 2 0 1 7 ]

WOOH HOO, its officially a new year! Say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. But, just because it is a new year…you will NOT be brought happiness, health, love or laughter! You have to WORK for what you want and CHASE YOUR DREAMS! Create your own happiness by surrounding yourself with amazing people and… Read More [ 2 0 1 7 ]



Everyone loves NIKE. Everyone has seen Air Max’s.  But i bet you didn’t know that the first Air Max showcase debuted itself way ahead of it’s time in 1987, and since has continued to innovate and evolve each and every day – 24 hours for 28 years Today, is Air Max day – wear you… Read More [WEAR YOUR AIR]



You can bring any workout to the beach, and who wouldn’t want to spend their summer days off soaking up the sun, surf and sand? But if you need some more reasons to get sandy this summer…here’s 3 why I think taking your workouts to the beach are better. 1// SUN- vitamin D – the… Read More [GET SANDY]