Who wakes up in the morning and doesn’t function until there is coffee in your bloodstream, or gets to midday and requires an emergency espresso?

Some days, I’m probably right there with you! But for the most part, have you ever noticed some adverse effects from coffee (or have you just felt crap in general, but would never blame it on your daily dose)? I didn’t really think about it that much, until now.

At the beginning of 2018, I started a new job. Left by 4am starts at the gym and random finish times in the lab and landed in a corporate 8-5. Yes, I’m still in sport…probably more so than before as I deal with all aspects now rather than just the athletes, but the point is as well as landing in corporate world I landed in an office chair. Never ever have I had a job before in my LIFE where I sat down at a desk for 8 hours! And when we’re in season, its effing busy! Conference calls, meetings, overtime, travel, you name it! And I found myself downing a whole heap more coffee than I did before. I used to have 1-2 cups a WEEK and coffee would have a huge effect on my body, I was awake, alert, and probably a little hyper. And slowly but surely that 1 cup a week became one every 2 days, to one every day, to TWO a day. This may not sound like a whole heap but when you up your dose of caffeine this much, trust me. It is.

And the kind of scary part is I didn’t notice, it started as a pick me up when days were stupidly long, then became half that and half getting me out of this chair and away from my desk.

Now 6 months in, I realised, I’ve been feeling bloated and kinda shit for some time now, I thought it was not enough water, then I thought it could be sleep, then I thought too little fiber…I thought of everything and it wasn’t until today It clicked, I haven’t been working out any less (aside from the fact that I no longer stand at work) and my diet hasn’t changed in terms of food but COFFEE HAS! Cue research frenzy.

Coffee is a diuretic, which means it can dehydrate your organs (especially effecting your kidneys) and when these guys don’t get enough water, then start retaining water and sodium! Causing bloating

Coffee also affects protein digestion. Typically, if caffeine is your breakfast (read my thoughts on that here), or you have a cup on an empty stomach, your body thinks its food! Stimulating the breakdown process and releasing hydrochloric acid, only thing is…there’s no food there for it to work on. So when it comes time to actually digest food, your body won’t have enough hydrochloric acid to send out and breakdown the REAL FOOD…causing indigestion, sluggishness, tiredness and again, bloating.

Maybe its time to look at your caffeine relationship and listen to your body!