Well, Sydney Siders – Summer is well and truly with us!

The sun is shining, the water is sparkling and your bikinis and boardies are ready to be taken out once again. But, that means your bikini BODIES are ready to be taken out as well…right?

Gone are the Winter days where you had all good intentions to prepare for this moment to come, you’ve got your body looking BANGIN’

[ or you’ve hoped the year would go a little slower and you had another 3 months to prepare ]

either way, you want to look just as good throughout the festive drinks, food overloads and Christmas dessert extravaganzas!

Here’s TRIPLE FIT’s top 5 tips for keeping on top of your game throughout the silly season and keeping off the Christmas calories

1 // Work out in the morning, before your brain knows what you’re doing!

We all have busy days and tight schedules leading up to the 25th, which also means exercise gets put on the ‘second priority’ list. Not only will A.M. workouts get exercise out of the way before the mall is even open, it will wake you up so your feeling refreshed and energized for your hectic day ahead, and also activate and boost your metabolism so those few extra calories wont mean a thing!

2// Incorporate exercise into your day, without actually setting aside time to work out.

Too pushed for time? Can’t see the extra hour freeing up between buying presents, baking and wrapping to get in some sweat time? Incorporate it! Take the stairs at the mall instead of the lift, park that extra distance away from the entrance to the shops…easy peasy!

3// Make sure you eat breakfast!

There’s nothing worse than running out of the house to do all your errands, then getting home at 3pm feeling sluggish, tired and so freaking hungry – stuffing your face with the closest snack [i know i had that chocolate bar here somewhere!] Make sure you had a hearty and healthy brekkie! Not only will your feel more energized, it will put hunger pangs at bay and actually boost your metabolism, so not only are you giving your body fuel for the day, your waking up your body so that you can metabolize what goes in your gob!

4// Get the family involved

Christmas is a time to spend your days with loved ones and share joy, so what better way than to workout with them! I’m not saying go do some power lifting with the kids, even a walk will do the trick!


Personally, this is the best for last type deal here – we live in AUSTRALIA! Its hot, the water is warmer, the music is louder and the beach is looking better than ever. Why not embrace the Aussie way and get your butt outside to exercise, take in the views and enjoy what you got and before you know it you won’t even realize our working out! My fav, surfing; a full body killer! or jsut take your walk to the sand, the extra resistance will be sure to give you that extra kick you want!

Well that’s it, the TRIPLE FIT top 5 tips to keeping your summer bod during the festive season!

 [Just on a side note, i know the drunks get colder and start flowing ever so festively, and here at TRIPLE FIT, we are all about balance; so I’m of course not going to tell you to skip the drinks – but remember, alcohol has calories too! Please drink responsibly]

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