We are heading toward the last month of winter (heck yeah) so obviously the last thing you want, is to catch a cold or flu as you’re getting ready for Spring!

Good news is – you’ve already braved the worst of it! Although our days aren’t quite as warm as they look (not complaining about the sun through) and they may not be light for as long as we would like, it is warming up and its getting a whole damn lot better!

Here’s my top tips to beat the battle of the last 5 and a bit weeks of winter and get you feeling (and looking) goood.

Eat seasonal: foods that are in season means foods that are local and more importantly foods that are FRESH. Go for the greens; Asian veggies are in season, along with broccoli, spinach, parsley, cabbage and cauliflower.

Keep up your water intake: okay, it looks sunnier, but the colder weather plays tricks on you, convincing you that you’re not that thirsty…wrong! keeping up the H2O is so important in winter, as it is always, but the colder months could go with that extra flush out as you’re not sweating as much and chances are, you possibly eating heavier foods. A water a day keeps the flu away also! (okay, that’s not a known saying but it’s definitely a thing)

Try turmeric: one of the most nutritionally rich herbs and a close friend to ginger! This yellow-y goodness is anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, amazing for skin health and gives you the immunity boost you possibly need.
Go green with chlorophyll: increasing red blood cells can never go astray, regenerating and cleansing your insides and enhancing your bodies’ ability to carry more oxygen.

Eat your mushys! Mushrooms actually boost immunity, making that annoying colleague who’s always sniffing and splattering far less likely to spread the love over to you

Take the extra zzz’s where you can

Ramp up your skincare: have you ever noticed you wear more makeup in winter? Making sure you wash your face properly with a natural cleanser and MOISTURISING is so important, don’t clog up your skin and don’t let it dehydrate with the colder days.

Don’t skip the gym: I get it, its cold, its dark, you just wanna burrito wrap yourself in 12 blankets and eat. But trust me you’re going to hate yourself for it, it’s not the weather making you sluggish and sleepy, it’s NOT EXERCISING! Make sure you stay active to beat the slumps

Take a ‘me day’. Yeah, it kinda goes against everything…but this is something I will always say no matter the season or time of year. It’s okay to skip the gym, eat a doughnut and drink a bottle of wine. Woah, did I say bottle? I mean glass…but seriously, you know my vibes on cheat meals, and being so religious on your schedule that you freak the heck out when you break it…chill, be happy, go into hibernation for a lil bit if ya need, and ill see you on the flipside.

Bottom line is, listen to your body and stay happy!