I’ll use any reason to get outside, especially to the beach! Add a killer workout and you’ve got the perfect excuse to catch some rays, listen to the waves, and make your muscles BURN.


This HIIT inspired workout combines the lot – staring off with a 3km soft sand run to recruit muscle fibres, get your heart rate up and warm up those legs is perfect for endurance training, add the fact that you’re running on sand and you’ve got some added resistance and muscle fibre firing already.

Then comes the fun bit – draw 5 lines in the sand to mark out your shuttles; 25m, 30m, 35m and 40m apart. This is a super high intensity take on shuttle runs; focusing on power and explosiveness.

4 shuttles per lap. 5 laps in total.


At the start line complete; 1x burpee, 1x push up & 1x squat – sprint to the 25m mark and complete the exercises again – sprint back to start and complete again; then to the 30m mark and so on.


At the start line complete; 2x burpees, 2x push  ups & 2x squats…

You get where I’m going with this! Continue through your shuttles until you have completed 5 of each exercise at each line on your 5th lap.

Make it harder; sub in squat jumps instead of regular squats.

why these exercises

we’re focusing on power training here, so explosiveness is key! Plyometrics and maximal muscle recruitment for short, sharp movements is what we’re looking for! Sprinting Is also all about the initial explosive push at the start and increasing acceleration – think of your start like a horizontal squat jump!

finish it off

3km hard sand jog back and stretch.

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