For the love of balls!

No matter the size, colour or flavour, you can’t go wrong with a good ball…energy ball.

These guys are super easy to make, easy to take with you on the go, and a great way to get in your nutritional requirements and macros throughout the day.

So why do I love energy balls so much? Aside from the above, you can literally make them however you want. Whether you’re after a post workout snack and throw in your favourite protein (please make sure this is natural, I personally use 100% whey powder), or just need something for an energy buzz around that 3 o’clock slump in the office that we’ve all been through, you can make it in ball form! And they are oh so easy, even without a recipe.

My go-to ingredients;

Dates; great source of energy and fibre with the added bonus of essential minerals such as calcium and iron, and a bunch of vitamins

Nuts; for unsaturated fats, while adding some crunch

Honey; the best way to get in some sweetness, and also to hold your balls together, no one wants their ball to turn to crumbs in their bag.

Peanut butter; well, I’d pretty much put peanut butter in anything but the good fats are an added bonus here

Coconut; packed with antioxidants and natural sugar, use it throughout your recipe or to coat the finished product

Whey powders; to make your energy ball into a protein ball, add a 100% natural whey powder, to help restore and replenish your muscles. Ideally if you are going for a protein balls, consume within 30 mins of exercising.

There’s my base ingredients that I’ll keep on hand all the time, depending what I want to get out of the snack will tell me what quantities to use. For example, an energy pick-me-up will be high in sugars and complex carbs (along with some simple carbs if I’m being sneaky for that initial buzz). Just make sure what your using is natural and preservative free and you can’t go too far wrong! Use a strong blitzer and throw them in the freezer for 30 minutes for everything to set, settle, and stick! (If you like, you may opt for the fridge instead)


Stop hunting for random snacks, to realise later on that you just ate half the fridge and 17 cookies…have some energy balls pre-made and ready to go…happy rolling!

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