Okay, it’s the age old thing to make new years resolutions. Most of which are super ambitious, or maybe not – but they all end up being forgotten or kicked aside by the end of Jan.

Myself included, I’ve made resolutions that I had no chance of sticking to – but 2020 is not only a new year, it’s a new decade. And I’ve thought a lot about these bad boys. Ones that I am determined to and WILL adhere to for the long run and for good.

  1. Get outside.

Whether it’s a workout, a walk, or just stepping out – I’m making a conscious effort to get that fresh air, to get dressed and get out each and every day. No more jammies for 24 hours and staying on the couch watching the day pass by. Life’s short, ya know? Its bloody 2020!

  • Look up.

HUH? Yeah, I wrote that right. Resolution #2 is to look up, look around, get my head out of my phone, out of the computer, off a screen and off what is right in front of me and look around! Cause life is pretty damn beautiful when you see those random moments in present time rather than an hour later on your insta feed

  • Less waste.

I’ve always done this and made a conscious effort to reuse where I can. But now it’s a real thing. No plastic in the house, no disposable purchases and less STUFF! Gone are the days of cluttered living rooms and overflowing draws with that random thing you got years ago and forgot it was there. Everything is going to have a purpose, everything will be used, and used again, and again, and again.

  • Say NO.

This one has taken a long time for me. Saying no, has never been easy. I have never wanted to let people down, I would always rather bend over backward for everyone rather than ask someone else to help, and I hate relying on others…this year, the no word starts. Cause its bloody normal to set boundaries sometimes, you are one person and you can’t do it all, for everyone, at all times. If its too much for you – say no. If you’re busy – say no. If you are uncomfortable with it or its causing you stress, anger or sadness – say no, even if you just wanna say f*** it and have a ‘me day’ – my god people just say no. Trust me, after all these years I’ve realized finally now that while it may suck and be super hard to say no at first, it may cause arguments, it may cause a fight or a rift in a relationship, it is so so worth it in the long run. Because at the end of the day, if you are stressed, angry and exhausted, it WILL affect everyone around you and it will definitely be worse than a few days of initial heartache.

So, there you have it, my top 4 resolutions that are my MUST DOS. For little extras that I’m adding in, check in with the @TRIPLE.FIT insta feed. Think wake up earlier, speak kinder, more self-care…like mini resolutions!

Happy new decade, tribe!